Hi my Love!

Thank you for getting to know your practitioner of the ancient art of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. I am deeply devoted to exploring the deep reservoirs of sexual power and pleasure that lie within the human spirit. I am a woman on a lifelong journey devoted to uncovering the life altering power of sexuality, through which we can be freed from the restraints and monotony forced onto us by every day life. 

I have found this calling through my journey of self discovery specializing for the last 10 years in the arts of Tantra, Life Coaching, Energy Therapy, Somato-Emotional Therapy, Breathwork, and Healing Touch. Through my journey I am continually healing my own blocks and hurts, and exploring the meaning of what it is to be a sexual human being. This calling came to me from an intense desire to free myself from the sexual repression that had restricted me from being a free and uninhibited being in my sexual expression. Through overcoming this, I am learning that I have an uncontainable connection to the Divine Feminine, a powerful and seductive energy full of sensual secrets.

Be with me, as I guide you to the gateway of sexual self discovery. Together, we will practice the healing pleasures of sensual relaxation, erotic intimacy, and orgasmic pleasure. 

I provide an experience that is both emotionally uplifting, and incredibly physically stimulating, as well as a source of energy and a release from stress. You will find that your time with me will leave you both eminently satisfied, as well as craving more of the sexual awakening that you will feel with me. I can promise you, that while no two sessions will be alike, each one is a unique exploration of your sexual energy and your infinite potential to connect with someone who can unlock your deepest desires. 

To see more of what I offer, click here or see the "Session" page to find the right one for you!

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