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“Before seeing Sialo, I was a stress case, worried about every little thing in my life, what people said and thought about me etc. After working with Sialo and learning how to not only calm my mind but breathe deeper, and calm my whole body and soul. I shake things off a lot easier now.


So I have only touched on the spiritual side of things, she has taught me to open up a sexual energy in me that I have never had before! I am realizing how much power and love I have to give inside of me!

I highly suggest anyone that is thinking of working with her that you don't think twice. Sialo is the most kindest loving compassionate person I have ever met. On top of that, she is very professional and knowledgeable. She has changed not only my life but the people around me as well. Thank you”

Signed, Vee

"Sialo - another amazing session!

I just went to see Sialo for my third time and it was amazing again.

This woman is nothing short of amazing. She knows just how to open me up, figure out exactly what my body and my mind needs and then use it to bring me into a state of extremely powerful sensual relaxation and sexual pleasure.

I know that it’s a bit of a leap of faith going to see her, but I think her services are really worth it.

Sialo is definitely an amazing woman who can really help take your sexual energy to the next level and bring you to an incredibly powerful heightened state."

Signed, D

"I just wanted to share how much I appreciate you and what you have opened me up to during my visit just before Christmas. You are truly a sacred goddess and I cant wait to celebrate another ceremony with you early in the new year. Your work has given me new power to what is possible as I travel on my journey."

Signed, P

"I recently went to see Sialo.

Now first off, I’d like to say that I have been to see several Tantric teachers over the years and have had some amazing experiences. Recently though, I decided to try something different and saw Sialo.


Sialo is a little unique in that she’s not so much a body focused as energy focused. I know for some of you that may not be a familiar term, but what she does is to really work on the energies of the person to amplify them into a state of powerful activation. And she really does. 

The experience I had with her was truly amazing. It blew me away. I couldn’t have asked for a more intense heightened state of awareness and more powerful and emotionally freeing experience. She had an amazingly sensual presence, a deeply intuitive way of guiding me, and an even more powerful way of deepening my experience of myself.

She truly guided me to another level that I’ve never experienced before. I will most definitely advise others consider checking her out as well. She is a wonderful person and truly provides amazing experience."

Signed, DA

"Sialo exceeded all expectations I had.


She is an elegant lady with the highest standards when it comes to her craft.

My experience with her if to be rated out of 10 would be a 15. Yes, she is that good.


I don't think I have ever reached such an intense experience. She helped me achieve the highest level of bliss and a very powerful and mind blowing body connection.


I am lucky to have met this beautiful goddess. She is the type of lady any guy would love to be around. She has taught and continues to teach me things about myself that I didn't know I possessed. I am truly counting down the days and hours till the next session with her. I am very certain it will be more amazing than the previous session."


Signed MA.

"I’ve seen Sialo a few times now, and I’m still impressed with her ability to bring me to a calm, relaxed state of mind, and also to provide the all-important sensual guidance. 


She is a very open-minded individual who is able and willing to discuss your wants, needs, and desires in a non-judgmental way, and then incorporate those things into the session, provided it doesn’t cross any of her personal restrictions.


My session was a perfect mix of intelligence, sensuality, and physical healing. I will hold these lessons for a long time to come.  She is truly a bright star in her field."

Signed H.

"Thank you again. Sialo for teaching me about love. I didn't feel for one single second that you were 'acting' or putting on any kind of performance. 


Something woke up in me yesterday when we were together and to see you and your perfect soft beauty and the comfort and ease you carried yourself in your natural state.

You were Just! So! Beautiful!

And the greatest part, that 'feeling' hasn't passed! I don't know how to thank you."

Signed, C

"When I met Sialo, she greeted me with a warm hug and beautiful smiling eyes! It immediately started to ease my nervousness and anxiety about being vulnerable with a person I just met. I felt so comfortable talking to her that I was able to let my guard down and share intimate details with her that I never thought possible.

The rest of the session was an amazing journey on the exploration of trust, vulnerability, sensuality and complete relaxation. I felt transported to another world where I was free of my fears, worries and conflicted emotions.


She was so gentle and caring that I left the session with a new sense confidence that I haven't felt in years! "

Signed, J

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