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Work with Sialo

1-1 time with me is varied and customizable to your needs.

My intention is to provide you the safe environment to explore and connect

in the depths of your Sensual Divinity.

Embodied and Intuitive Feminine Magick

Yoni Magick:

Crystal Waand and Egg practices* Receptivity and Magnetism * Orgasmic unlocking (internal, energetic, etc)

Pleasure Practice * Womb Connection * Menstrual awareness *Boundary Bitch Training

Orgasmic Lifestyle Design:

Healing numbness * Sex Magic * Sacral Fire activations * Rebirthing Journeys * Compassionate Inquiry

Guided Journeys:

Goddess channelling, Parasympathetic Breathwork, Chakra activations and alignments, Elemental Alchemy


Locate and heal blocks and holes in field * Pinpoint destiny and purpose

* Energetic and Sacred Geometric alignment * Elemental activations and spells.

Sound Therapy & Language of Light Activations

Energetic DNA restructuring * Activations to bring in your language *

Codes for love, trust, and harmony.

Shadow Work

Demon Integration * Ghost releasing * Underworld journeys * Death and Rebirth Journeys