I invite you to live from your heart


Join me in the breathtaking experience of surrendering to your Innate Sacred Sexual Potential.


Sacred Sexuality uses pleasure as our internal compass, leading us to nurture and explore in a deeply fulfilling and meaningful way! In this practice, we use ORGASMIC states as a powerful path to our highest sense of alignment, fulfilment, inner confidence, and self-expression.


In practice, we use pleasure as the inner guidance system, allowing our bodies to show us our deepest desires: Heart, Mind, Soul and Body. We combine information downloads and experiential practices to tap into the Sexual Power naturally available in you!


My sessions will take place virtually or at my safe and private home near the heart of Downtown Vancouver.


Sacred Ceremonial Deep Dive

Sacred Sexual Coaching and Bodywork 


Applications NOW OPEN!

*Prerequisite: Sacred Sensual Exploration (see below)*

The Sacred Ceremonial DEEP DIVE is my premier offering: 

An exploration of your deepest Orgasmic Potential, pleasures, and desires.

Learn how to tap into your Sexual Power, your innate magnetism, confidence, ability to connect in meaningful and fulfilling ways, and unleash your natural Orgasmic Bliss, a state of being, united in its highest essence to your inner Divinity

Receive my sensual care and attention and practice surrendering to your deepest pleasures with no goal except to explore and feel.


Cannabis support available upon request


Sacred Sensual Exploration

*first session for new inquiries*


1.5 hrs


*Included with upfront package commitment*

Arrive in my Sacred Temple, and explore with me your future sexual unleashing!

Practice radical vulnerability, connection exercises optional: hugging, eye-gazing, hand massages, breath bonding.

This session is great to experience my support, and discover if a Deep Dive pachage is a match for you.

Connect and uncover your desires for yourself and the blocks holding you back from your Nirvana.

Explore the depths of your Sacred Sexuality through Radical Vulnerability, Meditations, Breath-work, Ritual design, Lifestyle design, Feminine-Masculine Embodiment Practices, Cuddles, and more!


*cannabis support available by request*

Cuddles & Coaching




My Sessions are customizable to your needs as I am a versatile practitioner.

My intention is to provide you the safe environment to explore and connect Spirituality with Sexuality.

I can focus on a variety of options, including:

Lingam specific:

Sacred Sexual Mastery, confronting symptoms like Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction 

Learn Full Body Orgasm and unlimited stamina as you learn to hold the sexual energy in your body resulting in deeper pleasure and more intense, Multi Orgasmic states! 


Yoni specific:

Divine Femininity Embodiment Coaching, Orgasmic unlocking (gspot, pspot, energetic, etc), Moon cycle (menstrual) awareness

Reaching Orgasm:

Intensify Orgasmic Pleasure, Sacred Art of MultiOrgasmic Manifestation,Energetic Orgasm (no touch necessary)


Owning your Sexual Preferences and Deepest Desires, Kink identity, Consensual Non-Monogamy,

Sexual personality development.