I invite you to open your heart. Join me in the breathtaking experience of surrendering to your deepest pleasures.

Allow me to touch and caress the parts of you which crave stimulation and attention the most.


SEXUALITY can use physical pleasure to nurture and explore in a deeply fulfilling and meaningful way! Together we can learn to become ORGASMIC, to see and feel pleasure everywhere and in every interaction we have; because, when it stems directly from us and is deeply rooted in who we are, it comes out in every experience you have.


My sessions will take place at my safe and private home near the heart of Downtown Vancouver.


Sacred Ceremony



   1 hour*     $250 

1.5 hours   $300
 2 hours    $340
 3 hours    $430

The Sacred Ceremony is my premier session, an experience of sensuality, pleasure, and desire.

It provides you with the opportunity to relax, open yourself to me, and experience unleashed orgasmic bliss.

In this session our uncovered bodies surrender to the drawn out tease of a Sacred Sexual Ceremony. We may utilize Meditation, Breath Work,  and Sexual Energy raising practices, Deep Connection exercises, and finally practice surrendering to Sexual Physical Touch and Orgasmic Pleasure. 

Receive my sensual care and attention with sexual physical touch including receiving Yoni or Lingam Massage, and practice surrendering to your deepest pleasures with no goal except to explore and feel.

*1.5 hours min for first time or CUDDLE SESSION as a preliminary session. 

Date and Cuddles



 1 hour       $160

1.5 hours     $200

 2 hours      $240

Walk on the beach, dinner and flirts, or arrive in my luxury Sanctuary and cuddle up with only panties on!


Snuggle into my bare chest and let your body dissolve. This session is great for those who are NOT drawn to receive physical sexual touch. 


This session is perfect for those wishing to meet me before committing to a ceremony..

Custom Sessions

My Sessions are customizable to your needs as I am a versatile tantric practitioner who specializes in uncovering her client's desire and providing them with the care they require.


I can focus on a variety of options, including:

Penis owning specific:

Stamina and Full Body Orgasm,

Lasting as long as you like, 

Deeper pleasure and more intense orgasms. 

Reaching Orgasm:

Intensify Orgasmic Pleasure,

learn the art of Multiple Orgasms,

practice Energetic Orgasm where touch is not necessary. 


Owning your Sexual Preferences and Deepest Desires,

Kink identity,

Consensual Non-Monogamy,

Gender Preferences,

Energetic Sexual personality preferences.