My Sessions are customizable to your needs as I am a versatile.

My intention is to provide you the safe environment to explore and connect

Explore the depths of your Sacred Sexuality through Radical Vulnerability, Meditations, Breath-work, Ritual design, Lifestyle design, Feminine-Masculine Embodiment Practices, and more!

Tantric Coaching

Lingam specific virual coaching:  

(no sexual energy play during session)

Sacred Sexual Mastery * How to please a woman, * Facing Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction. 

 * Full Body, Multi-Orgasmic states * Semen Retention


Yoni specific:

Divine Femininity Embodiment * Receptivity and Magnetism * Orgasmic unlocking (gspot, pspot, energetic, etc) * Moon cycle (menstrual) awareness *Boundary Bitch training

Reaching Orgasm:

Intensify Orgasmic Pleasure * Sacred Art of Multi-Orgasmic Manifestation *Energetic Orgasm (no touch necessary)


Communication skills * Sexual Preferences and Deepest Desires * Kink identity *Consensual Non-Monogamy

 * Sexual personality development

Psychic/Witch Services


Locate and heal blocks and holes in field * Pinpoint destiny and purpose

* Energetic and Sacred Geometric alignment * Elemental activations and spells.

Language of Light Activations

Energetic DNA restructuring * Activations to bring in your language * Codes for love, trust, and harmony from Hathors/Pleiadians

Shadow Work

Demon Integration * Ghost releasing * Underworld journeys * Death and Rebirth Journeys

  • Connecting your spiritual practice with your sexual fire.

    1 hr

    222 Canadian dollars
  • Readings and Demon integrations.

    1 hr

    111 Canadian dollars