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Thank you for getting to know me!


The Rise of Divine Feminine is my mission as I share Embodiment and Empowerment. Personal experience of suppression, self doubt, fear, anxiety, depression, hyper sensitivity, abuse, grief, and more, led me to devote myself to self-love as a healing practice. My path is to connect pleasure with purpose.

I am 10 yrs supporting people like you with my expertise in a wholistic approach, combining Therapeutic practices like Somatic Therapy, Relational Life coaching, and Embodiment with Intuitive Temple Arts including Guided Journeying, Tantric Meditation, Sound Therapy, Quantum Energetic Alignment, Inner Sexual Alchemy, and Elemental Magick. I am devoted to activating the healing reservoirs of power that lie within our wombs and hearts.


This calling came to me from a desire to share my vision of Goddess in the everyday wombyn and to support her liberation and uninhibited creative expression. I am here to remind us that we, as wombyn, have an uncontainable connection to the Divine within, a powerful and sensual energy rooted in self-love

I welcome you to reach out to me for co-creation and connection​.

Many Blessings to you in your journey. 

You are not alone.

Susanna Sun

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