Hello, my Love!

Thank you for getting to know me!

I have found this calling through my journey of self discovery with my own Healing. I experienced intense suppression, self doubt, fear, anxiety, depression, hyper sensitivity, abuse, grief, and much more. I believe that in sharing our stories with acceptance, unconditional love, and vulnerability, we can practice playing with the heavy emotions and allowing the lightness and joy that we deserve to shine through after we clear and make way for our deeper desires and visions to express. 

I live and share the Sacred practices of Sexual Alchemy and Temple Arts. I am devoted to exploring the healing reservoirs of sexual power and pleasure that lie within the human spirit. A wombmxn on a lifelong journey to uncovering our Divine Nature. I identify as Clairvoyant, Ethical Non-Monogamous, a lover of nudity and Nature, Community Leader, Vocal Alchemist, Tantrika, Cosmic Connector, Star Language Channeller, Space Holder, Healer. and Entrepreneur. I've specialized for the last 10 years in the modalities of Somatics, Energetics, Guided Erotic Exploration, Body Awareness, Pleasure Capacity Building through Taoist Alchemy, Tantra, Life Coaching, Somato-Emotional Therapy, Breathwork, Cuddle Therapy, and Healing Touch.


Through my journey I am continually healing my own blocks and hurts, and I invite you into this journey, this devotion to our inner Divinity. This calling came to me from an intense desire to free myself from the sexual repression that had restricted me from being a free and uninhibited being in my creative expression. Through overcoming this, I am learning that I have an uncontainable connection to the Divine Feminine, a powerful and seductive energy full of sensual secrets.

Be with me, as I guide you through the gateway of Interconnectedness, sensuality, and pleasure.

Many Blessings to you in your journey, my Love. 

You are not alone.


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