The Secret to Deeply Fulfilling Intimacy: Show up Fully and Vulnerably Yourself.

When I decided that I wanted to coach people in intimacy years ago, I had no idea what it would look like....but my frame of reference told me that the most successful way to help people with intimacy would be to become a councelling psychologist.

Duh, right? Of course if you want to help people with the way they act, you study that in university and then you register with a board of certification and then you council and follow the rules of the certification....

Yet, I couldn't bring myself to go for it.

And as much as I think councelling is a helpful modality....I couldn't bring myself to study brain chemistry when what I wanted to be doing was to be hearing stories and sharing vulnerability so that I could develop deep relationships, mentorships, compassion and cultivate immense love and support in my personal life and with my clients.

I felt called to something so MUCH more holistic and less socially acceptable.

I couldn't imagine giving love and light to people without being allowed to create a warm welcoming environment...using all of my sexy femininity to comfort the person. That was just how my deepest most authentic self WANTED to be.

I began using holistic modalities and practices with my clients and found something unbelievable to me at first:

Being myself with them was so much more authentic and fun and energizing than trying to follow the rules of a modality. It was a FAR reach from the "proper"modality of traditional psychology. But I found myself deeply called to give love freely, including in the form of physical touch, which is strongly advised against or plain unacceptable in traditional councelling, as well as in the world of Life Coaching which was my primary training.

The more I practice arriving fully and authentically with my clients, the more I learn about what it is to embody Divine Feminine .

I arrive fully myself. Sexy, unapologetic, inviting, warm, and full of love and compassion. These were the traits that I have been cultivating in myself my whole life through Spirituality and personal growth, and ones which my university education never helped with.

I see now more than ever, that my femininity has power in it. Not power in strength so much as power in my softness.

The deeper I surrender to the deep ocean of gentle love, the easier and more gracefully my life goes.

And when clients arrive, I don't have to DO anything. There is the odd minutes of explaining or sharing an idea or a concept, yes. But most of my day with or without clients around, looks like a dance of peace and emotion and ecstasy.

I chose to live my minute to minute in a constant surrender to the flow of life.

And in that space, whenever a person arrives in my life, be it friend, lover, or client, I hold the intention to allow whatever needs to be there. I welcome the pain and trauma, the joy and the embarrassment. I welcome it all. Because I know first hand the impossibility of trying to be the way we think we're supposed to be rather than the WAY WE ARE.

People ask me daily what I do for work, or what a session looks like. Well, it looks like normal life, but with a conscious exchange of energy, and a united intention of healthy sexual exploration and healing.

Sending out endless love and cuddles to you!

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