The Secret to Deeply Fulfilling Intimacy

In arriving fully and authentically,

we embody Divine Feminine .

Perhaps more essential than food, water, and shelter, humans require to be loved. It is a core component of what it means to be human. Conditioning and fear around intimacy can leave us feeling spread thin, unmet, and uncertain of who we are. Many of us have spent years of our lives questioning if there is more to life, more to relationships. We pass the honeymoon phase and realize that we lack lasting compatibility. Sometimes we connect with a partner with amazing chemistry, only to realize that the depth we truly crave is not being met. These quandaries beg us to question how to experience intimacy that meets our needs and expands our capacity for love and pleasure.

Vulnerability has become a hot topic as we discover that to be seen is a prerequisite to being loved. Many of us strive to arrive to life fully ourselves as much as possible. In a world which taught us to show up a certain way in order to be accepted in the her, the new way of being is asking for authenticity over performance. This is the move from Patriarchal structures to Divine Feminine values. Compassion and unconditional acceptance become forefront in these new paradigms.

What a relief to see eachother more true to ourselves! It is a joy to reveal ourselves for who we are rather than how well we fill a predetermined role! This is the power of Femininity! Not in strength so much as in softness. Not in doing, but in being.

The deeper we surrender to the deep ocean of gentle love, the easier and more gracefully life flows.

In every minute a constant surrender to what is. In this space, whenever a connection arrives, be it friend, lover, or client, we can hold the intention to allow whatever needs to be there. Welcome the pain and trauma, the joy and the embarrassment. Allow the effort of trying to be the way we think we're supposed to be to dissolve, and embrace the WAY WE ARE.

Professionalism has faded to make way for honesty. We are beginning to trust each other when we see that we can relate rather than measuring them by a superficial standard. Intimacy holds space for us to reveal who we are in full acceptance and compassion. As we heal the codependency that was perhaps essential for survival in the past, we now learn to embrace diversity! In accepting our differences, we maintain sovereignty and connect in ego-shattering ways when we see that amidst our uniqueness, we are still united in oneness.

In no way are you required to act in any way that feels anything less than what you desire. Most of us now have the opportunity in this modern world to arrive as we are, knowing that our unique gifts fit like perfect puzzle pieces into the big picture of society. Not everyone is meant to be a matching puzzle piece to sit beside us and interlock in intimacy, but in choosing to arrive authentically and sharing that vulnerably, we have the chance to connect in deep and meaningful ways!

Thank you for showing up to continually discover who you are and share that with the world! There is no one else like you, and your gifts are beyond beautiful in your Divine blueprint of identity.

Sending out endless love and cuddles to you!

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