What's in a Name?

August 7, 2019

Hi darlings. I know I've confused and dumbfounded some of you by changing my handle/name already before I was fully ready for it. And I'm doing it again. 😂


 This time I'm ready to tell you about it! I'm so excited to share this beautiful change with you!😍


I've been on a quest for about a year now looking for my name. I'm happy to be called Susie still, as that is the name my parents gave me and I absolutely honour and respect and love it. ❤️


Susie for me feels like an old version of myself. I am Susie... And I am also different than Susie because it represents what I used to be rather than who I am now... And so I've been waiting for the new name to come to me. A truly arduous task, waiting. I was impatient and jumped to a name which wasn't accurate in a desperate attempt to end the waiting. Thank you for you patience with me as well. I encourage you to practice it with yourself as well.


My name... the way that I present myself verbally to the world, the way that I call myself, and I invite you to call me by it, is a representation of the embodiment of all the growth that I have done and continue to do. It holds empowerment of what it is to move from one stage to the next. It signifies what it is for me to become older and to hold more wisdom and peace.. And also what it is to hold space for myself and for others to feel deeper levels of resistance, pain, discomfort, and dis-ease. I have felt these things. I feel them with you still. ❤️ And I choose to Iive in all the juice that is life with you and with myself. Comforting and showing compassion for the journey si my practice. I commit to continually working to heal myself in order to be an example and a support for all of you of what it is to heal and to live in love.


One place where I find a powerful analogy of this, is the heavens. This expansive energy that holds tears of cleansing in the RAIN. FIRE of the SUN ☀ . Calm of the STARS ✨ . The home of birds and butterflies. The non-action of SURRENDER to this energy is healing in its own as we embody and learn from what we experience in the sky. And when the sky wants to shake us up, and the rain meets the electricity of the earth, it clashes with thunder and lightning⚡. Sparks so bright and sounds so loud that it shakes the earth beneath us and lights the world briefly and brightly with its powerful presence. This is magic. This is freedom to be in this.


I deeply relate to this concept of the expansive heavenly sky. I choose to be deeply in the medicine of the sky and all the continually changing and growing space that is beyond the sky. And I bring these lessons back to my body, and through me, I give it to you if you wish to receive it.


I call myself Sialo. Inspired by the sky. Inspired by the Romantic language word used to describe the sky and the heavens in the word "Cielo".


My name is Sialo, pronounced See-a-lo. Nice to meet you, my dear. ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you to all of you for your support through this process.🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻


Fly away home.


Ever yours in love. ♥




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August 7, 2019

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