I'm Needy

The misfit inside me is yearning to belong, to have all her needs met.

Belonging was taught to me first though the lens of religion. It sounded in my head like:

"10* Commandments = Heaven"

"Instinct = Evil"

(esp non-Marital, pleasure-focused, contraceptive-supported, queer-friendly S.E.X"

That's right folx. We talkin' bout the dirty.

The authentic path seems a peaceful one.

A part of me is comfortable in this pause mode. Resting, creating, enjoying life.

Yet the HEART ACHES to be primal, deeply, passionately, ever so sweetly...






This is: to be seen

safe deep




instinctual *rawr*

That is where I belong.

This is only a small piece of my personal version of Nirvana. Giving myself permission to want it feels edgy because I was taught that my desires were inherently dangerous. What sweet relief to allow myself to desire everything. I no longer apologize or compromise myself. I see our deepest desires as sacred, because I believe them to be aligned with our purpose and passion.

Do you know what your personal version of bliss looks like? Feels like? Tastes like?

I'm creating a series to activate and magnify this knowing in us:

"Star Seeds": Embodying our Vision Transmissions.

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Blessings, loves.

Thank you for your presence.